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As customers broaden their palates and become re-educated in the way in which Veal is reared Veal is becoming an option that is more and more in demand.


Our imported veal is supplied by T.Boer & ZN they guarantee that: All products bear the quality guarantee label of the Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Meat Sector (SKV). SKV-inspected veal is guaranteed free of growth stimulating substances, hormones and B agonists. Hence guaranteed safe and healthy. 100% of the Dutch calf sector is inspected by the SKV; all links of the production chain are stringently and intensively monitored; by administrative checks, sampling and visual inspections. All SKV inspectors are sworn inspectors; and samples are analysed by the independent laboratory TNO. The inspection and analysis methods are continuously tested by an independent scientific Board; and the inspection has STERIN certification (EN-45004) and is monitored by the Dutch authorities.


Buitelaar British Rose VealFull Euro_GPS Buitelaar Rose Veal (Defra) Box Lid_OL

We source all of our high welfare British Rose Veal from Buitelaar UK – A 5th generation family business. The meat is sourced from dairy herd bull calves, which would otherwise be killed at birth. The beauty of Buitelaar rose veal is that it creates a sustainable farming method for what was previously a waste product. The animals are reared to very high welfare standards on only Red Tractor approved farms. They are slaughtered aged 8-12 months and further processed in BRC certified centres. It is stamped with the Quality Standard Mark to guarantee the consistency, flavour and tenderness of the product.

Rosé Veal is a lightly pink coloured meat. It is extremely tender, with a succulent texture leaving a clean, light taste. It has also been proven that Rose Veal is lower in calories and saturated fats than white veal providing a high welfare, sustainable, health-friendly meat product

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