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Quality Lamb – 12 months a year

Picture1We love our lamb. Luscious, tender and succulent, it’s everything you’d expect from the great British outdoors. A green landscape of hills and valleys, dales & moors gives British lamb the very best environment in which to flourish.

It takes careful farming to produce lamb with the required depth of flavour, and farms selected are renowned for their skilled stockmanship and use of traditional techniques. The chilling and maturing process is designed to maximise flavour and eating quality, and animals are traced throughout production to maintain strict quality control.

Picture2We are able to supply English lamb carrying the  Quality Standard Mark. In order to carry this mark all lamb must be produced and processed through a fully assured and independently audited supply chain. By using QSM lamb, you can be confident you will be provided with a more consistent quality product with the potential for improved and more consistent eating quality.

We are also an accredited license holder for West Country Lamb. We can supply Lamb born, reared and finished in the six counties of South West England. The climates, grassland and rainfall of this region comes together to create the perfect conditions for lamb. It has Protected Geographical Indication status which further guarantees the quality and traceability.

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New Zealand Lambnew-zealand-lamb

All New Zealand Lamb is naturally reared on green open pastures, which leads to its internationally renowned distinctively sweet and tender flavour. Our New Zealand Lamb is prepared via a strict process which further increases the guarantee of an optimum eating experience. The farming and production of NZ Lamb is free range, sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is relatively low in calories, high in protein and a great source of essential nutrients such as B vitamins, zinc and iron.