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Picture7All of our game is sourced from a wide range of estates, shoots and individuals across North Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales and the Scottish Highlands. All of our suppliers comply with The Code of Good Shooting Practice. As with any wild food source it is vital that it be managed in a sustainable manner to ensure a viable healthy population for the future.

We can process all species as you wish and, unless otherwise stated, all birds are delivered oven-ready



Grouse (12th August – 10th December)grouse rspb

Red Grouse are indigenous to the British Isles and are found no where else in the world. Grouse cannot be artificially reared due to its unique dependence on heather moorland. The start of the grouse shooting season is probably the best known date in the shooting calendar – ‘The Glorious 12th August’ – on which date there is the customary race to get new season birds on to the tables at top London restaurants (at top prices!).

pheasantPheasant (October 1st – February 1st)

The pheasant is the most numerous of British game birds with around 20 million being shot each year. Pheasant are present in almost every part of the UK. Pheasants, are protected by a close season when it is illegal to shoot them. This period coincides with breeding and rearing their young. The season starts on October 1st but the size and quality can be reduced during that month.

Woodpigeon (Available All Year Round)woodpigeon

Woodpigeon have prospered with the intensification of farming. Many are shot to protect crops and this provides us with a valuable and tasty source of food. The woodpigeons eat a variety of seeds, green leaves and shoots giving them a rich, gamey flavour.

partridgePartridge (September 1st – February 1st)

There are two species of partridge shot in the UK, the Red leg (French) & the Grey leg (English). Available fresh right until the end of the season, however numbers may be limited from December onwards. English partridge are much less abundant and so maintain a higher price than the Red legs.

Rabbit (Available All Year Round)rabbit

Originally introduced to the UK by the Romans as a valuable food and fur source, rabbits were kept fenced into warrens where they could be protected and managed. Since the 1960’s the surviving population have built up to pest proportions in some areas of the UK. Traditionally they are trapped or shot during late summer to early spring when they are at their best from an eating perspective.


reddeer113LCampbellVenison (Available All Year Round)

The ultimate free-range food, wild deer have wide ranging diets and have to be healthy and lean in order to survive. The resulting meat has a wonderful, distinctive flavour and is extremely low in fat and cholesterol. We are able to bring you a number of species, most notably Red deer from the West Highlands of Scotland, Fallow deer from parkland herds in Yorkshire and Red deer from the borders of England and Scotland.