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Food Development

Picture19Food Development

cow-chasing-chefs-2Meet Dave & Jo, our industry-leading dedicated food development team.

Years of experience working in food development across different market sectors and many well-known brands has helped them to understand your target markets and your customers.

taco-timeSpecialists on up-to-minute food trends, with a focus on seasonality, they are perfectly placed to help you develop innovative products, flexible menu development initiatives and bespoke recipes to help you stay ahead of the game.

They will proactively present to our customers and assist in development where appropriate. With our own in-house tasting kitchen on site in Derby, The only question left is – our place or yours?

sandwich-ladderOur team can work with or without a brief; The key thing for us is flexibility. They will cook and present a whole range of products tailored to your needs. It can be Protein-Only or Full Dish. We want to inspire.

We promote food development across all species and not just red meat.!

Our development products include stuffed, marinated, wrapped, coated, rubs, sauces and protein cooking solutions.

The food development team strive to create a real point of difference for your menu that can showcase our understanding of your customers, innovation and trend-setting in the industry.

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