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Chef Workshops

Chef Workshops

We are passionate about all aspects of training & development for everyone associated with Fairfax Meadow. At the end of the day, by improving our service we can only enhance yours.

It is this reason that we regularly provide our Fairfax Meadow Master Class. The program has been designed solely for the chefs, to improve their knowledge of meat and the industry.

A typical program of events could include:

Experience Our Factory EnvironmentPaul in intake fridge

A tour of our factory in Derby to see the process of meat coming through intake, to being butchered, packed and loaded onto our vans ready for delivery to the customer. You will learn about the importance of traceability and yield to a butcher such as ourselves. The maturation fridge is a sight to behold.

Butchery Demonstrations

Butchery demo 5Our Master butchers will take you on a journey of a carcass breakdown, from a rib, loin and rump primal known in the trade as a roasting down to individual steaks. We will show you how increasing the specification of the steak increases the value and where the cost of meat comes from. You will be shown different butchery techniques used and the correct way to handle your meat.

Remember it is the most valuable part of your dish so needs the right attention!!


Have a go at some butchery yourselves. Our butchers will give you a helping hand on learning to de-bone some beef, ready for trimming and further processing. Don’t worry – we will give you all the protective gear to keep you safe

Cooking Demonstration & Product Tasting

Everyone still have their fingers?

Now visit our development kitchen where our chefs will be cooking the product you have just cut. Learn about the benefits of using different cuts – both in flavour and texture. It is interesting to see from a different chef’s point of view. You will taste the difference between meat at different stages of maturation.

Dave in the kitchen Cooking steaks

Where Does My Meat Come From?

The answer isn’t ‘the fridge’!!Where does my meat come from

Learn about the importance of provenance and challenging and understanding the food chain. We will pass on information on the history of the meat trade. With some interesting (not least surprising!) facts you may never have thought possible, you will learn about the true value of meat and just why we love it so much.

Did You Know?

The gestation period for a pig is 3 months 3 weeks & 3 days!!!

We feel that it is important to further strengthened the knowledge gained from our workshops with visits to a farm and an abattoir. For more information see our Experience Days

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