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PH BurgerBurgers are big business, with demand for gourmet options in particular, growing exponentially. Thankfully we can cater for all needs and help to ensure your menu stands out from the competition. We are proud that our core range comes from only high quality beef trimmings.

Picture10We have been making burgers for a quarter of a century. They are now produced in our bespoke burger production facilities in Derby.

Our 99% beef burger range is exactly what it says on the tin. We use only quality beef trim and a sprinkle of seasoning. The burgers are formed, boxed and ready to go.

The Premium range tries to create products which are a little bit different. Whether it is through using rare breed prime products such as Aberdeen Angus Beef or Wild Boar, or adding ingredients to differentiate the flavours. We use special production techniques to offer a lightly pressed, gourmet-style patty to give that handmade feel.

We currently produce a range of recipes to suit our customer base that extends to non-beef options such as our award winning Lamb, Redcurrant & Rosemary and our Venison & Marmalade recipe.


There were five award winning recipes at the recent 2014 EBLEX Best Burger competition

The Gold Award Winners    eblexburgernoribbon

Chef Select Gourmet Burger

Our Chef Select Burger is a combination of high quality beef trimmings with a number of ingredients mixed in with the meat during the mincing process. The ingredients include – Gherkin, Dijon Mustard, Worcestershire Sauce and Onion. All flavours come together to create a zingy, unique flavour that is bound to be remembered

British Beefburger

This is the burger equivalent of Da Vinci’s blank canvas – developed solely as a great tasting burger, that eats superbly without any flavours added. It leaves the endless possibilities up to you, Chef!

Lamb, Redcurrant & Rosemary Burger

Our excellent burgers go beyond just beef!! Our Award Winning Lamb burger combines tasty lamb with the fragrance of rosemary – a traditional herb to go with lamb, and the sweetness of redcurrants for a well rounded burger for the senses.


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