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Bacon & Gammon

Picture8Bacon & Gammon

A0042194-2Bacon is a key element of the Great British Menu. We at Fairfax Meadow understand this fact and as a result have really focused on delivering brilliant bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner

We ensure that all of our bacon is of the highest quality with only the necessary cure added so you know that your bacon will not shrink beyond recognition when it comes out of the pan.

For all menus you may want to consider our range of bacon, whether you require back, streaky or sweet cure bacon if you want it unsmoked or smoked we are sure to have the bacon you want to serve to your customers and make your dish fully satisfying.

Premium Bacon

Ramsay Ayrshire Cured Bacon

The Ramsay family has been making Ayrshire bacon for well over 150 years. Ayrshire is the traditional Scottish cure that takes skinless and boneless sides of outdoor-reared pork and slowly cures them in a vat to give it an exceptional flavour. Ayrshire bacon is matured slowly to let the natural flavours develop, and because they don’t add water or additives, their bacon won’t shrink away in the pan and will crisp up beautifully. So if you value good traditional produce you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Suffolk Choice Sweetcure Bacon

Manufactured in Suffolk from fresh, Farm Assured UK Pork.

Dry Cured Smoked Sweetcure Streaky

Our premium dry cured smoked streaky bacon is cut from quality pork belly, so the higher fat content comes through as increased flavour and crispiness. The dry cure is made using a special mix of  salt and sugar. With no added water the bacon crisps beautifully and holds its great flavour. The dry cure is rubbed into each individual belly and left to mature. This bacon goes exceptionally well with a gourmet burger.



Gammon steaks have always been a desirable grill item on menus. We know that portion control is important to you we can offer you a range of gammon steaks either D cut(half moon) or horse shoe (full face) rindless or rind on and ranging from 113g to 340g and all cut to within +/- 14g of the desired portion weight. Our Gammon Joints are simply succulent whether you want to make your own ham for delicious sandwiches or serve Gammon as a roast Carvery option you can be assured that our Gammon joints will satisfy your purpose.

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