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Here at Fairfax Meadow we believe that great Beef is a result of selective breeding, dedicated rearing & expert maturation.

We believe in British Beef, the cold drizzly climate and lush green grass gives animals the best possible start. It is because of this that our standard beef range is predominantly from the British Isles and Ireland.

Over the years we have developed relationships with our supply farmers which ensure we always have great beef to put on your menu.

Casterbridge red


We enjoy an unrivalled reputation for excellence throughout the food service sector. We guard that reputation jealously and are constantly exploring innovative ways to exceed our customers’ expectations. A philosophy that led directly to the development of our Casterbridge beef. It has been introduced specifically for discerning chefs who are passionate not only about quality, but determined that such quality is delivered without exception. Only English beef, sired from traditional breeds and sourced from selected farms is used to produce Casterbridge. The Ribs, Sirloins & Rumps are then matured on the bone for a minimum of 21 days to give it distinctive succulence & a traditional flavour.

Jason Atherton, Chef Patron of Michelin-starred Pollen Street Social & Michelin-starred Social Eating House, as well as numerous critically acclaimed sites across the globe, whose enthusiasm for food is evident through his imaginative menus which are complemented by Casterbridge beef. Jason says “The perfect way to bring quality and flavour to the table. Casterbridge beef appeals to me on so many levels, it not only has a wonderful flavour but the quality, underpinned by the Quality Standard Mark, gives me the confidence that my customers will really enjoy it”

Please view the downloads section for a link to view our Casterbridge brochure

Pastures New

Picture3Pastures New was developed with great eating quality and consistency as the primary factors to be attained to through the processes from gate to plate. The sourcing of the beef is restricted to a selected number of processors in Great Britain The carcasses are matured on the bone for 7 days before butchering. The rib, loin and rump primals are processed and  wet aged for 21 days, so the product is minimum 28 day aged beef. It produces a consistently tender product, perfect for premium pub brands and restaurant chains that want a high end product with a superior eating quality.


In January 2014, Protected Geographical Indications for both West Country Beef & Lamb were announced. Fairfax Meadow are proud to be an accredited supplier and can supply West Country Beef eligible to carry the PGI logo, meaning that it can be served as West Country and promoted on the basis of its rearing environment. The key criteria include being born, reared and finished in the six counties of South West England, fed on a forage-led diet & being raised to excellent standards of animal husbandry and welfare


Premium Imported Beef

We also stock a range of high quality premium imported beef to create a point of difference on your menu

Aberdeen Balck Logo

Aberdeen Black – Australian Grain Fed Beef

Picture1Cattle are selected primarily on providing the best meat, irrespective of breed type. Cattle are reared and raised in the ‘food bowl’ of Australia – The Riverina . Young steers and heifers 20-30 months of age are fed a high energy cereal based diet for a guaranteed 120 days delivering maximum flavour and tenderness with marbling. All cattle are raised to the most rigid Global GAP standards with full traceability from farm gate to plate. Every carcass is graded for marbling , fat colour and meat colour similar to Wagyu beef.

We currently supply a standard Australian Grain-Fed beef and a Marble Score 3 option to further premiumise your beef offer.



Tender, juicy and marbled US beef – A unique flavour

Picture2US cattle producing beef exported to the EU have been fed grain for a minimum of 100 days. US beef is recognised worldwide for its tenderness, succulence and flavour. Beef from grain-finished cattle is very tender and rich in taste. The high standards of US beef are the result of extensive research in cattle breeding. Only a limited variety of breed is used to ensure a consistent quality of cattle. Flecks of intramuscular fat in the lean muscle (marbling) are an important indication of quality in meat. Marbling in beef raises palatability by increasing tenderness, juiciness and flavour. The fine marbling in US beef is the result of grain finishing. US beef is a 100% quality product which is completely hormone-free in line with current EU regulations. US Beef is generally sold as Select, Choice and Prime based on varying degrees of marbling. As a standard we only use Choice and Prime US beef because of the increased juiciness and flavour it offers