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A Day on the Farm with Marriott

A Day on the Farm with Marriott
August 9, 2017 fmadmin

The journey from farm to fork is one of the most crucial aspects in putting great steak on the menu.

It is the reason that we place so much importance on teaching our people the best way to handle the meat. When we can share this knowledge with our customers it only strengthens the supply chain. We were delighted to be given the opportunity to host a team of Marriott Chefs on a Farm & Abattoir visit so they could experience first-hand the first stages of the journey.

Together, we visited one of Fairfax Meadow’s closest supply partners in Bristol for a tour of the boning hall as well as an outline of the beef specification and the benefits of backing British.

We then headed over to Bowldown Farm, set just 20 miles away in nearby Tetbury where we were greeted by Martin the local farmer. A family farm since 1928, Bowldown is split into both arable & pastoral farming. Martin keeps a herd of circa 130 suckler cattle made up primarily of the beautiful Ruby Red Devon breed. The herd is completed by a number of Devon Blonde crosses and some Limousin crosses.

After a brief tour of the farm to see the herd roaming the stonewalled fields, Martin loaded us into his buggy and took us to see the finishing cattle before the day had to end and we headed home.

It was great to see how the passion and hard work from the farmers, combined with the commitment from our colleagues at all stages of the supply chain is rewarded with consistently great beef being delivered into the Marriott kitchens.

We look forward to bringing the Chefs back to Derby so they can see the next stage of the Chain!

As a wise Fairfax Meadow salesman once said “A great steak is like the iceberg; it goes beyond what you can see and the real force lies in what goes on beneath the surface” = Touché Paul!

To learn more, Check out the video here